Andy (CNC) — We are pleased to announce the AMA session with FullDAO Protocol !

Today our guest is Nick (@NickFullDao) , Co-founder at FullDAO Protocol.

Nick (FullDAO) — Hi guys!

Andy (CNC) — Hi Nick, Nice to e-meet you! How are you doing?

Nick (FullDAO) — I’m great, What about you?

Andy (CNC) — I’m good! Are you ready for today AMA? 😊

Nick (FullDAO) — Great to hear that man! Yeah sure. Let’s go.

Andy (CNC) — Let’s get started with your & your team’s experience in crypto space. Tell us about that please.

Nick (FullDAO) — Sure, I think that you guys all don’t know too much about me so let me tell you guys about my background and the team too. I have been a trader since 2019 and now a person specializing in marketing for some projects related to crypto. In addition, I also has 4 years of research experience in this industry as well as producing marketing content for a number of startups.

About my team,

Let introduce John. John is the Founder of FullDAO. He graduated from the Economics University and has a lot of experience in business analysis, team management and business model. Seeing the potential and opportunities in the Avalanche ecosystem helped create FullDAO.

We also have Harry leading in the technical department of FullDAO. Harry has 5 years of experience in system and software engineering. Past projects have included back and front end program development, business analysis. And of course some more members are from Singapore that support us in marketing, BD, research,v.v….

Andy (CNC) –

Great! Now let’s talk about your project, FullDAO Protocol.

What is FullDAO? How does it work? Which current problems in crypto can it solve?

Nick (FullDAO) –

Great start. FullDAO Protocol is the new generation Yield Optimizer on Avalanche. It’s a community-oriented platform with DAO feature, allowing users to earn the highest-possible yield from their investments.

I think the current problem the FullDAO team sees in crypto is that existing platforms do not have a competitive playground for users to get involved. They simply create an optimal place for their assets, in which we believe everyone can execute. FullDAO team can solve that by being a new household for users’ assets, perfecting original features of Yield Optimizer platform.

To know more what we can bring to Avax, check the blog:

Andy (CNC) — Sounds great!

What are the special features of FullDAO? Why should we choose FullDAO instead of others?

Nick (FullDAO) — Great question.

Well, the most noticeable point is Multiple Rewards & Incentives as we bring the community more than just base rewards. This initiative will help attract more activity to the AMMs, yet drive growth to the ecosystem.

As a Yield Optimizer, FullDAO’s vaults automatically compound your gains, you save thousands of transactions of gas costs, hassle-free. Instead of manually performing the entire process from harvesting to continuously reinvesting, FullDAO will do all the work for you.

But rather than just a regular Yield Optimizer platform, FullDAO is also portrayed as a DAO where users’ voices are heard, ideas & feedback are received. Holders of the platform’s native tokens have the power to directly decide the future development of the protocol.

And of course, our platform is smooth and simple for both professional and entry-level DeFi users to get involved.

Andy (CNC) –

I would like to know more about the security of FullDAO. Which steps have you taken to ensure the safety of users’ funds in FullDAO?

Nick (FullDAO) –


Well, security is among our top priorities when we build the structure of the platform. Therefore, our partners at Verichains are ready to support us and secure our platform as well as users’ assets.

The team will always be of assistance to the community. Users bringing their assets here can rest assured they will have all the support they need.

Andy (CNC) –

Your project token isn’t live yet. Give some information about that. Will there be a presale/public sale?

Nick (FullDAO) –

Well, Our native token is FULL or $FULL. It has three main utilities:

Capture Value of the ecosystem


DAO Voting. DAO Voting stays close

And yes we will have presale and that will be announced for the details. Stay tuned on our media channels.

Andy (CNC) –

What are the strategies you follow for marketing & community engagement?

Nick (FullDAO) –

To FullDAO, community is the key to the development of the project. In the upcoming time, we will hold lots of competition for the community. They will get many rewards and chances to win more with us. Along with that, we will connect as many as partners and investors to build the network of communities. That is what we are planning at the moment. Let’s wait for more events with FullDAO.

Andy (CNC) — Can’t wait! 😉😉

What are the future plans? What can we expect from FullDAO in future?

Nick (FullDAO) — You guys can see here our roadmap.

For now, we are focusing developing the project so you guys can enjoy the best. Next, we will launch the vault feature. Connecting with projects for opening more vaults. All features after that will be released. Stay tuned!

Andy (CNC) — That’s all for the introduction part. Thanks Nick for answering my questions. Are you ready to start the next part of today’s AMA?

Nick (FullDAO) — Thanks Andy for all questions from the CryptoNite Club team.. Yes, I’m ready!!!

Andy (CNC) — 1st question from Twitter is….

Q1 — @Alena3k

I saw there like FULLDAO card holder available in 5 colors. Is this an NFTs certificate? Then what is the meaning of the difference in color, can you explain?

A1 — So when users get along with FullDAO and reach to specific levels, they will receive NFTs as certification for their participation in the FullDAO platform.

Think of FullDAO NFT as a credit card. NFT level is based on the amount of asset you deposited in FullDAO. The better the credit score, the higher the NFT you get.

Upgrading your NFT will grant you more benefits!

Andy (CNC) — Thanks for your clarification! Let’s proceed to the next question.


Q2 — @langitberwarna

I read on your website, there are 40 ACTIVE VAULTS on the FullDAO platform. How users can participate in each vault? If a user participates in one vault can users participate in the other one?what kind of security do you have in FullDAO for users about the vulnerability of vaults?

A2 –

So Instead of manually performing the entire process from harvesting, selling rewards, purchasing more tokens to continuously reinvesting, a vault executes all of this automatically at a high frequency.

You can see more here.

As i have said, Verichains will be our advisor with security. We will focus on proctecting the assets of communities.

Andy (CNC) — Thanks for those interesting details. Now is time to proceed with the next question.


Q3 — @TridevPramanic1

What is your strategy to attract new users and investors to your project and keep them long term because Marketing is a central element for every project, so that everyone know the potential that a project can bring is vital to achieve the goals set?

A3 — Sure! Marketing is always the key. They always want new thíngs and commitment of the project. As i have said, community is initial to the development of the project and we will keep developing related to the products

Along with that, we will connect as many as partners and investors to build the network of communities. A network of projects will produce more campaigns for the community.

We will announce soon the marketing plan for the project. Stay updated!

Andy (CNC) — Great! Let’s move to the next question.


Q4 — @TKumazah

User experience is a very important issue in most projects. Do #FullDao focus on this? What has #FullDao done to bring the best user experience, especially to new users?

A4 — Great! As I have said, the platform will be easy used for every kind of user. You can check the website here

Feedbacks will be taken so that we can know that it’s friendly enough and professional too.

Andy (CNC) — Okay, here is the last question from Twitter?


Q5 — @Jihadkh98677664

Easy to make a token but it’s really hard to make this token valuable? So what’s your strategy to make your token more valuable and what’s your plan to maintain token rate and supply?✌️

A5 –

The core value is the only thing.

We have to keep it from the first time until the projects be a big thing.

FullDAO’s core offering is the ‘Vaults,’ in which you stake your crypto assets. Or we will always have to optimize the core things which is improving the return of the users.

The investment strategy associated with the vault will automatically grow the quantity of tokens you have deposited by compounding random yield farm reward tokens back into your initial invested asset. Despite the term ‘Vault,’ your funds are never kept in any vault on FullDAO: you may withdraw them at any time.

With much more updated version, we will collect all feedbacks from the communities and of coure we will have our advisors helping that.

Optimized mechanism will be released base on the conditions of projects.

Andy (CNC) — Thank you very much for sharing. Now get ready for the most emotional part of our AMA — live questions!!!

@shordar123446 — Is your project a community only for English speaking an countries or for users not of other languages?

Nick (FullDAO) — Great ideas, we will conduct post or videos explaining the use of every feature in some languages thanks to our ambassadors, this will be in educational section

@eyahabibi — Do you have Whitepaper if yes, please share it with as secondly do you have plans for pre-sale? Now where can we Join l it?

Nick (FullDAO) — Please take a look at it

@samigurl — Why FullDAO Protocol?

Nick (FullDAO) — Please go through this

@Dodge2001a- Staking, NFT is very hottest, do you think you will apply NFT technology to your products in the achieved future? @NickFullDao

Nick (FullDAO) — Until now when users get along with FullDAO and reach to specific levels, they will receive NFTs as certification for their participation in the FullDAO platform.

Think of FullDAO NFT as a credit card. NFT level is based on the amount of asset you deposited in FullDAO. The better the credit score, the higher the NFT you get.

We will upgrade it in the next future

@southerland_2001 — Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of Token? @NickFullDao

Nick (FullDAO) — $FULL tokens are ‘dividend-eligible’ revenue shares in FullDAO, through which holders earn interests generated by FullDAO and are entitled to vote on the development of the platform.

$FULL, or FULL, is the native governance token of FullDAO. By staking $FULL in a vault, or by simply holding it in your wallet, users can participate in the DAO processes of FullDAO.

Andy (CNC) — Thank you very much Nick for your answers and your time!

Do you have anything else to share before we conclude today’s AMA session?

Nick (FullDAO) — Nothing else. Stay updated here if you want to ask me more

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Andy (CNC) –

It was an amazing AMA session! You are doing an interesting project!

We are honored to have you here today. Best of Luck FullDAO team!