CryptoNite Club -We are pleased to announce today AMA session with Neptune!

Hello everyone! I’m Andy. Today’s our guest is Hugo from Neptune project. You’re warmly welcome!

Hugo — Hi, guys. Thanks for the warm welcome! Glad to be here!

CryptoNite Club — Hello, Nice to e-meet you! How are you doing?

Hugo — Nice! We are working hard to make Neptune better! Thank you for having me here!

CryptoNite Club — Let’s start the event!

Hugo — Sure! Let’s go!

CryptoNite Club –

First of all, Please Introduce yourself? How did you get to be involved in crypto & Neptune project?

Hugo — Hi, guys, glad to be here to share info about Neptune. I am Hugo, Community Ambassador of Neptune.

I was attracted by the Neptune team and project, and really liked the cute nepers, so I wanted to let more people know about the charm of Neptune.

You can see these lovely nepers

CryptoNite Club –

Let’s talk about Neptune project. Give us a brief introduction about that. What’s the story behind that? How it works?

Hugo — Sure! I’d love to!

As human civilization evolved, cutting-edge scientists created digital lifeforms, known as Nepers, in a virtual world constructed from data. Nepers live in the world of Neptune where humans can immerse themselves by materializing their own data.

As Nepers continue to iterate and evolve, they learn to think on their own and reformulate the Neptune rules, trying to take over the real world and replace humanity.

Scientists began working on a solution, and humans and Nepers entered a melee.

For the sake of world peace, honor, and wealth, more and more warriors join in. An adventure in pursuit of hope, love, and peace also immediately begins ……

In Neptune’s world, players can collect and arm Nepers and embark on adventures and battles through combat and summoning. Anyone can earn by playing in a fair and equitable way. In addition, players can participate in the decision-making and governance of the DAO based on the amount of contribution.

The game is not yet online, the team is working hard to move forward and is expected to meet everyone in March. And you know Neptune will launch on the Metis ecosystem.

This is our website, you can take a look at it first.

CryptoNite Club –

Tell us about your team and their experience in crypto. How many team members are working for Neptune?

Hugo –

The technical team is from Canada and has extensive blockchain experience. All the team members are working hard to let the game meet users sooner. The Team has 20 members now and want to invite more people to join to make Neptune better and better!

Neptune has received a strategic investment from Metis and the game will go live on the Metis Andromeda Chain. So we also receive much help from Metis team, thanks to them.

CryptoNite Club –

$NEP & $TUNE are your platform tokens. How can hodlers get benefits from each token?

Hugo — Neptune will develop into a gaming platform in the future, with more games online, and $NEP is the platform governance token. $TUNE is the token in this first game.

We have 10,000 NFTs, 6,000 have been sold so far, and the last 4,000 will be opened for sale in the near future. Holders of NFTs will receive NEP airdrops, and the initial circulation of NEPs will also be obtained through airdrops, and no IDO will be made.

The subsequent game launch will also get TUNE airdrops and other rewards. Holders will also get token airdrops for more games when they go live in the future.

And, holding NFT will have project governance rights and participate in later project DeFi dividends.

Total $NEP is 10 million.

$TUNE is a game output token that will be used for game consumption as well as in-game rewards.

CryptoNite Club –

How important is your community for the Neptune project? What do you expect from your community? What are the plans to raise the community engagement?

Hugo –

I think community is important for every project, and community members can make a lot of important suggestions to make the project better.

Neptune will be holding many events in the future to give back to the community, so stay tuned!

CryptoNite Club –

Security is the most important aspect of a crypto project. Have you done an audit for Neptune?

Hugo –

Yeah! I agree with that. Neptune’s audit is going on now, and will tell all the news soon!

CryptoNite Club –

What plans do you have for the future? What can we expect from Neptune in future?

Hugo –

A while ago we reached a strategic partnership with Netswap to go live with NEP/METIS LP mining on Netswap. So this is an important thing we will do in the next month.

And this month, we will focus on the beta launch of the game and the sale of the last 4,000 NFTs.

The beta version of the game will invite users to test it and give us some suggestions for improvement.

CryptoNite Club –

Thank you! That’s all from my side. we have several questions which were selected from Twitter. Are you ready to start?

Hugo — Absolutely!

Twitter Segment

AMA tweet –

Q1 — @Nevins61260772

what projects do you consider competitors and what differentiates you from them, if there are any?

A1 — First, Neptune is based on the Metis Andromeda mainnet and is one of the few games in the Metis ecosystem.

Neptune incorporates NFT, Gamefi, DAO, and DeFi, which is richer than AXIE.

Neptune uses a dual token model, containing the governance token NEP and the game token TUNE.

We can simply understand the relationship between NEP and TUNE as the relationship between AXS and SLP in Axie’s game economy, with the difference that NEP has a strong governance property, while TUNE will not increase indefinitely — TUNE naturally has deflationary properties.

In the game mechanism, TUNE will be consumed, and this part of TUNE will be directly destroyed. The more users there are, the faster the TUNE is destroyed. It avoids the situation that TUNE is caught in the infinite increase of SLP.

CryptoNite Club — Great answer! Let’s go to the next question.

Q2 — @Akashcm18364403

How does we collect the nepra nfts from your platform

How does these NFT’s differ from others

What’s the uniqueness in it ?

Where can i buy it ,what is gas fee you charge for buying that?

A2 –

You can buy nepers on website when the game is online. And Neptune NFTs we sale is different with others, because the NFT is your credential to receive an airdrop of NEP tokens and to participate in the governance of the project.

We will have the last 4000NFT on sale in the future on website:

You can buy it with METIS and gas fee is also METIS.

We will announce the sale time soon, pls stay tuned.

CryptoNite Club — Thanks for those interesting details, clear answers are very appreciated for our community. Now is time to proceed with the next question.

Q3 — @cobeama

Do you have any Bug Bounty to check for weakness? In what way do you plan to make Your project more complete??

A3 — The project contract is currently being audited, and we will also open the beta version of the game in advance to let users experience it and give us comments for improvement.

Neptune will be governed through the DAO, and I’m sure the DAO members will keep coming up with good suggestions.

CryptoNite Club — Cool! Let’s move to the next question.

Q4 — @yaroslava_borz

Where can we buy this token? Is it avaliable on any exchange yet?

A4 –

First,you can buy our NFT to get NEP airdrop in the future.

Second,you can buy on exchange when we list.

CryptoNite Club — Cool! Let’s move to the next question.

Q5 — @SyrimiE

What’s the milestones Neptune have achieved and about upcoming plans? How do you plan to increase the demand for tokens in the crypto space? Do Neptune have farm or stake feature?

A5 –

What we have done:

  1. Neptune has received a strategic investment from Metis and the game will go live on the Metis Andromeda Chain.
  2. And, a while ago we reached a strategic partnership with Netswap to go live with NEP/METIS LP mining on Netswap.
  3. 6,000 NFTs have already been sold, and the last round will take place soon. This NFT will be used as credentials for airdrop and governance!

What we will do next:

  1. Neptune NFT sale round 3
  2. Game beta version

Telegram Live Segment

CryptoNite Club — Thank you very much for sharing. Now get ready for the most emotional part of our AMA — live questions!!!

Dear community, we will open the chat soon. Please prepare your questions.

Neptune guest will select the best 5

of them.

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Thank you for understanding and good luck!😉

So many Questions Thank you everyone!!!

@Hugo_NeptuneGameFi, please choose the 5 best questions and answer them😊


Why you build Neptune on this blockchain? Any plan to move on other blockchain , multichain or mainnet?


We think METIS is a great team and they really do a good job, so that is why we choose Andromeda chain


My question important Sir.

Is your project a community only for English speaking an countries or for users not of other languages?


we are glad to have users from everywhere,

Welcome to follow us for news:


Can we earn more money on Neptune by farming, trading or staking?


Yeah, we will open NEP/METIS LP in the future on Netswap, pls stay tuned


Why Neptune named like that ? any backstory about it?


It is named Neptune because the team believes that Neptune is immense, full of mystery and has infinite possibilities, as one of the modes of our game is adventure, which will stimulate the player’s sense of participation. At the same time, the sea has a wide variety of life forms, both known and unknown — just as our pet Neper is very cute and has different appearances. So the team felt that the name Neptune would be the most appropriate.


Can you describe about what are the use of your token in Neptune Ecosystem?


NEP is platform token of Neptune, and TUNE is the game token

CryptoNite Club — Thank you very much for your answers and your time!

Hugo, do you have anything else to share before we conclude today’s AMA session?

Hugo — Thanks for having me here again,you can join us if you are interested in Neptune and lovely nepers!

Welcome to follow us for news:

CryptoNite Club –

It was an amazing AMA! you are doing a very beautiful and high-quality project!

We are honored to have you here today. Best of Luck Neptune team!!!

Everyone, make sure to follow Neptune for the latest updates.