[CNC] — 👋 Hello everyone I am pleased to have with us from Gravity the Studio Team Today.

Emily Shahaj — Hello everyone, glad to join you for this AMA

[CNC] — Nice to meet you!

Emily Shahaj — Nice to meet the Cryptonite community!

[CNC] — How are you all doing today? Ready for a great AMA guys? 😉

Emily Shahaj — I’m more than ready and I’ve seen great questions under the twitter post 🙂

[CNC] — So, Before we begin our Ama could you please introduce yourself to our Audience 😊

Emily Shahaj — Yeah! So I’m Emily, I founded Gravity the Studio over a year ago now. Growing up I loved MMOGs and formed communities with friends I only knew online. In my fashion Masters I combined the idea of online identities with clothes, and wound up creating clothes which only exist online.

I loved the wild west of the early 2000’s Internet and how decentralized metaverses bring that back, but without the ability for the creators to randomly take down the platform or sell it to some big corporation. Blockchain is the perfect solution to digital ownership, so we built it all as NFTs.

Emily Shahaj in CryptoNite Club

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Gravity the Studio is an ode to art-appreciating nerds, expressed through clothes. We create dramatic unisex, mens, and womens wear with an east-meets-west interpretation of a digital utopia, and drop roughly 4–6 new pieces every month. Ultimately, we aim to be the luxury fashion brand of the metaverse.

Check out more of our work on our Instagram, https://www.instagram.com/gravitythestudio/

[CNC] — Thank you! Let’s go to the next question.

Can you tell us a bit about the team and their experience with crypto projects?

Emily Shahaj — Yeah! Me, I used to work for ad agencies in the US, strategizing and designing digital retail ad campaigns for global brands. This sometimes involved creating 3D games for promotions. Super useful, also soul-sucking. On the side I was winning awards in fashion design, so I dropped it to study fashion print design in the UK. I coded artificial lifeforms to design my project for me, which required me to learn 3D fabrics as well.

I got into the potential for NFTs in fashion in 2019 and knew I needed somebody from that background on the project. Enter Julia: She’s my co-founder from over in Moscow, who brings the technical blockchain expertise. She’s been developing in blockchain for 4 years now and has won 22 hackathons.

The third founding member is Serena, who’s a brilliant creative from China and brings the fashion business management expertise. She and I collaborate on all our designs, which creates a really unique aesthetic.

It’s a pretty impressively global endeavor, the team speaks 5 different languages. I’d like to thank Zoom and Google Translate.

[CNC] — Very detailed answer!

-Tell us, What are the main features that distinguish you from other projects and what competitive advantages do you have?

Emily Shahaj — Beyond NFTs that just serve as art or a profile pic, ours are wearable in metaverses and in social media photos: Basically, wherever you spend your time across the Internet, we want your digital clothes to follow you.

Whether that’s your avatar..
or your game character…
or your social media photos

So we nailed the technology of creating realistic clothes in 3D, and even modeling them on a 2D photo of someone to look photorealistic.

We’re working with several decentralized metaverses to encourage interoperability of wearables. We think it’s crucial for this space that users can move their NFT assets between worlds. So everything from our first collection (available now) will be compatible with every virtual space we can get our hands on.

Additionally, when you own one of our NFT’s, you can ‘rent out’ virtual wears to others, which you earn some money from every time.

[CNC] — Can you tell us more about investors and backers of Gravity the Studio? Any audit reports?

Emily Shahaj — Yep! Aside from joining the DAO at ArtSect (an NFT art collective) and being members of the Future Fashion Factory, we’ve just joined the investment portfolio at Outlier Ventures (a VC group focused on blockchain metaverse projects). We also just took first place at the TDeFi Bizthon.

We’re also contracted partners with the Vault Hill metaverse, the DaTang metaverse over in China, XR Couture, and The Fashion Parade just featured our promo catwalk on the largest billboard in Singapore last weekend.

Emily Shahaj in CryptoNite Club

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We have good relationships with several influencers over on Instagram who we dress up in our digital clothes. That’s a lot of fun.

Right now we mint on Opensea’s smart contract, because it does everything we currently need it to. Obviously it’s well-known and thoroughly audited. Our Opensea store is here: https://opensea.io/collection/thevenusian

[CNC] — Here is the Last question from my side

Could you share some recent product development in terms of roadmap ( or milestones achieved)

Emily Shahaj —

Yeah! Here’s our roadmap

We’re launching our first *official* collaborated collection with DaTang metaverse over in China as of the end of December, and our second in the Vault Hill metaverse in Spring. Otherwise we’re testing our existing designs for compatibility with different game environments.

We’re building some AR retail experiences in OVR and some of our partner metaverses, because that’s just cool.

Ultimately, we want to change how people experience fashion online. Rather than walled gardens of “yeah you can wear your cool wearable on our game and nowhere else” we want everyone to rethink the possibilities of how we move items between worlds. Why should we have to reinvent our avatar/character everywhere we log in?

[CNC] — Thanks for the great introduction, we have several questions which were selected for the 1st part. Ready to start?

Emily Shahaj — Yes sure, let’s go with that!!


Q1 — @Akiiboy01

I saw that your NFT collection on Opeansea.

Do you have a plan to launch your own NFT marketplace for W2E NFTs ?

A1 — I saw Akiiboy asked several good questions over on Twitter. ✨

We also have our own platform at http://gravitythestudio.shop, which integrates with Opensea and allows users to access the wear functions for social media and metaverses. It’s undergoing some renovations right now so we put our Opensea collection as our site on our Twitter profile.

so yes, having our own platform is how we make our designs wearable!

[CNC] — Thank you very much for your answers and clarifications! ready to proceed to the next question?


Q2 — @Ojanaloveferi12

Once the product is developed, one of the main challenges seems to be adoption. What are some of the plans to stimulate adoption and build out the ecosystem around your project ?

A2 -Yeah big challenge with any blockchain project. We’re all early adopters here (woo!) but the market’s still flooded with projects of questionable origin.

The make or break factor is to prove you’re legit.Branding was my expertise before starting this project so to me it’s a juicy challenge: We’re mimicking the branding and ad strategy of traditional luxury fashion brands and creating this rich world for fans to get lost in. All our designs tell the story of a digital utopia in the midst of a physical dystopia. We’re also developing bigger and bigger partnerships and collaborations.

so that’s our current approach to this 🙂 Done!

[CNC] –Thanks for those interesting details, clear answers are very appreciated for our community. Now is time to proceed with the next question🥳


Q3 — @AlexHuk7

Currently a lot of people are looking at NFTs, metaverse, and games. Can you tell me what advantages will you have in this field future?

A3 -Totally, it’s a hot field. But for good reason! The traditional game wearables market makes $40 billion each year. All of those items would be better for everyone if they were sold as NFT’s, so I predict that in the coming years, they will be.

One thing I’ve seen in this field is that fashion and gaming have always avoided each other when they could both have benefitted from the other’s skills. The game concept artists I talk to hate designing clothes, but it’s basically their job? And fashion thinks it’s too good for gamers, which is stupid. We are fashion people who love 3D and gaming, so we’re bringing a very unique approach to the existing problem of designing clothes for immersive digital environments.

Additionally, having deep experience in the crypto side gives us the ability to be developing our project early and fully understanding it. I’ve done consulting in 3D fashion for traditional brands and they absolutely do not get it or its potential, which means they’ll only realize too late.

[CNC] — Thanks for your great answers! Ready for the next question?

Emily Shahaj — yeah !

Q4 — @dupdilan01

Wow This will be boom. Q1) I saw your NFT avatars are really cool. Is there any partnership with BIG companies or projects or famous characters ? Q2)If yes , What would be ? If no , are your planning to do your own metaverse ? then how it would be different?

A4 — Two good questions! First, thanks! We are still early and we’re currently building our community and reputation so that when we approach BIG companies they take us seriously. Fortunately our collabs, press mentions, and partnerships are getting bigger and bigger so we’re on the right track.

But all our assets will be compatible with every major blockchain metaverse, we’re about a month away from this. Once you own the NFT you can wear it wherever you want. The decentralized space is cool because it wants its assets to be interoperable, which is where we fit in.

We’re not creating our own metaverse, but we’re definitely retailing our clothes in others. 🙂

[CNC] –Thanks for the detailed information and answers. Ready for the 5th question from Twitter?


Q5 — @drstrange202

What hat makes you feel confident about the survival of your project @GravitytheStud in the near future? do you take into account community feedback and demands while developing features of your project?

A5 — I super appreciate the MC name reference, Dr Strange.So we’re fortunate that investors are really interested in our team and what we’re doing, so we’ve secured the funding we need to keep us going. You can’t get rid of us that quick 😉

As for the second question here, we entirely build our business around conversations with our community. We’ve been working on this for over a year and we’ve actually shifted our entire business direction several times based on feedback. If you aren’t building something that people want, what are you even doing? We don’t want to be led from the top-down, that’s what makes virtual fashion and its communities more powerful than traditional brands.


Part 2

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5,4,3,2,1, Let’s go !!!

📌@abc7273a — For non english speakers from different countries, do you have any ambassador program as a part of marketing and global awareness of your project?

📝 Great question! We’re already starting to develop this because our team is from so many different countries. We’ve currently got communities in English, Chinese, and Russian. Further expansion is really important, we’ll be looking for ambassadors in the future.

📌@Chinthaka93 — How do you see the recent Uptrend of the METAVESE with Facebook’s aggressive transition. Is this uptrend forced you to create Gravity @gravitythestudio @ann_chuhnina

📝 We started Gravity over a year before Facebook’s announcement. Before that though, our focus was on digital fashion for social media photos, metaverse integrations were a more distant goal for late 2022. That announcement from such a mainstream corporation certainly propelled our metaverse ambitions forward, made us more attractive to investors, and made other people better understand why we we’re doing what we’re doing 😂

📌 @dupdilan — With the release of a new generation of Consoles, the gaming industry is on the hype. Are you planning to enter gaming industry with great NFT’s ? @gravitythestudio @ann_chuhnina

📝Yes! Graphics power is crucial for what we’re doing. Voxels won’t cut it 😵 And with gaming growth accelerating, we’ll be in this field as well as metaverses. From a technical standpoint they’re the same so it’s easier for us. The challenge will be convincing game developers to incorporate NFT assets into their platforms. We were disappointed to hear Steam announce they weren’t allowing blockchain games but I look forward to that changing soon.

📌@Amila19932 — What is the status of METAVERSE integration now? Have you started working on it? I saw abiut this on your roadmap, Please share some details on this @gravitythestudio @ann_chuhnina

📝 YES. We’re working on it now, rapidly. First, we’re releasing a set of designs that will be exclusive to the DaTang metaverse in China (they have their own blockchain over there so there’s no further integrations). That’s within a month. Aside from that, we’re working on formatting our existing designs to work across major metaverses. Once you own our NFT, you’ll be able to choose what metaverses you want it for on our website and we’ll provide you the asset. This will be within the next month.

📌@Amilaya1 — 2nd question

is there plans for how to attractive more people for buy NFTs and do you another have marketing tricks like AMA ??

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📝 Yeah! Our main focus right now is community building, which is indeed why we’re participating in events like this with CryptoNite 🙂 We’re focused on content marketing so we’re always producing valuable stuff for our followers on Twitter and Instagram, which have been growing like crazy. ✨

Thank you very much for your answers and your time! It was an amazing AMA!

you are doing a very beautiful and high-quality project! We are honored to have you here today.