Mr. Baron — We are pleased to announce the AMA with CashCow Protocol

So welcome @cashcowadmin and @CaptainCashCow to the CryptoNite club

[CashCow Protocol]- (CashCowAdmin): It’s a pleasure to be here with you all! Thanks for having us here!

Mr. Baron — Nice to meet you!

[CashCow Protocol]- (CaptainCashCow):Nice to e-meet all, delighted to be here tonight to meet the members of CryptoNite

Mr. Baron — How are you all doing today? Ready for a great AMA guys? 😉

[CashCow Protocol]- (CashCowAdmin): Great! Let’s go!

Mr. Baron — So, without making a delay Let’s start our AMA with a basic introduction

[CashCow Protocol]- — (CaptainCashCow): Certainly, I am ready!

Mr Baron — We are really excited about the upcoming AMA with you! please tell us a bit about yourself and a brief intro about the project, please?

[CashCow Protocol]- (CashCowAdmin): Of course, me and CaptainCashCow are both Co-Founders of CashCow Protocol and since the beginning we have been working hard to make this project one of the best projects in the BSC. CashCow Protocol is a community driven project with the vision of creating a positive impact in people’s lives by being a trusted and long term investment. Our mission is to become the #1 P2E NFT Game via community driven sustainable growth.

Mr Baron — Thank you! Let’s go to the next question.

Can you tell us a bit about the team and their experience with crypto projects?

[CashCow Protocol]- — (CaptainCashCow): CashCow Protocol was conceived as a community and decentralized project, with a broad and dynamic work team where there is a whole community that supports them. Today we have a large team of ambassadors with whom we work side by side to improve and exceed all community expectations.

We trust in Blockchain technology (In code we trust), and we believe in decentralization. Secondly, we believe that anonymity and privacy are today very valuable, and that’s why the team will remain anonymous. We also do not believe that this is an impediment to taking COW to the Moon, many other trusted projects did this, starting with Bitcoin.

Mr. Baron — Very detailed answer!

-Tell us, What are the main features that distinguish you from other projects and what competitive advantages do you have?

[CashCow Protocol]- (CashCowAdmin): CashCow Protocol stands out for being decentralized with a dynamic and global work team. The community’s sense of belonging at CashCow is one of its greatest differentiators.

CashCow Protocol is much more than a “Play to Earn” game, it’s a unique ecosystem where many current and future features converge:

  • CashCow Token: Highly-deflationary, low supply DeFi token with automated liquidity generation, redistribution and burning mechanisms.
  • Milk Token: Fairly launched unlimited supply token used as rewards for Staking DApp and Farm Game users, and designed to be the In-Game Currency.
  • Staking DApp: Yield-Farming Decentralized Application that allows CashCow Community to earn Milk by staking Pancake LPs, $COW or $MILK.
  • CashCow Genesis NFT: One of the most valuable assets of CashCow Protocol. Holders of these NFTs are considered Legendary CashCow Community Members. Only 100 will ever exist.
  • NFT Marketplace: (in development)
  • Farming P2E Game: (in development)

Mr. Baron — Please tell us about the $COW token! What are the token use cases, distribution, and how to buy/get it?

[CashCow Protocol]- (CaptainCashCow): CashCow Token is the first feature of the protocol, which is a fairly launched, low supply and highly deflationary DeFi Token. CashCow Token has 2M Max Supply, <900k Total Supply and <600k Circulating Supply. 50% Supply was burned at Launch and Liquidity is Locked. There’s a 10% fee that affects ALL transactions with the token, which is allocated this way: 4% Automatic Liquidity, 4% Redistribution among holders, 2% Marketing and Development.

$COW are best purchased and sold through PancakeSwap and by holding CashCow in your wallet you will receive your cut of 4% on every transaction, simply hodl $COW tokens in your wallet and you will get more. Every transaction automatically contributes to liquidity, ensuring our members can always sell their CashCow whenever they please.

Mr Baron — Here is the Last question from my side

Where can we find out more about CashCow Protocol ? Can you share all your social media links?

[CashCow Protocol]- (CashCowAdmin): You can find out more about CashCow Protocol in our Webpage, Whitepaper and Social Media. The links are the following:











Mr Baron — Thanks for the great introduction, we have several questions which were selected for the 1st part. Ready to start?

[CashCow Protocol]- Thanks for all good questions from Cryptonite Club team, let’s move to the next! Excited!!


Q1 (@PubudithaRajap2) How secure is your platform to use? Have you done audits of smart contract? What security measures are adopted from bugs of smart contract and hacking?

A1 — (CaptainCashCow) To increase the safety of users we took the following measures:

  • All our smart contracts are currently being Audited by Certik.
  • Liquidity is Locked: Users will always be able to trade $COW
  • Anti-Whale measures: Max amount / tx is 50k $COW
  • Fee % modification and whitelist functions were removed: No one can change the fees and whitelist any address.
  • Token uses PancakeSwap Router v2 instead of V1 (Safemoon)
  • 50k $COW were locked for a year with quarterly unlocks

Mr Baron — Thank you very much for your answers and clarifications! ready to proceed to the next question?


Q2 — (@BENSTOCK26) Partnership is always an important factor for every project. So who is CashCowProtocol partner? What are the benefits you get from those relationships?

A2 — (CashCowAdmin) CashCow started its first alliance with, but we will not stay here. From GolFinance partnership, $MILK token holders can get very high APRs on GolFarms by providing and staking Milk Token Liquidity. We are looking for other real partners (and not just putting logos at the bottom of the page like many other projects do). Possible partners we would like to have are AirNFTs, PancakeSwap, automated compounding protocols, and other NFT Games.

Mr Baron — Thanks for those interesting details, clear answers are very appreciated for our community. Now is time to proceed with the next question🥳


Q3 — (@Sojibah34480696) Could you tell us a little about @CashCowProtocol greatest achievements last month, what are @CashCowProtocol working on right now? What are the main thoughts you want to convey through today’s AMA?

A3 — (CaptainCashCow) Biggest achievements of the month have been the CashCow Genesis NFT sale, our first partnership with GolFinance, and starting our audit process which is now being done by Certik. We will soon launch our HappyCows Collectibles NFT and our own NFT Marketplace in which users will be able to mint and trade up to 1000 unique NFTs by using $MILK token.

Mr Baron — Thanks for your great answers! Ready for the next question?

Seo — yes ! Let’s Go


Q4 — (@FMondool) Which one of these aspects is important for you? 1-Increasing Token Price & Value 2-Empowering Platform Development 3-Building Community Trust 4-Expanding Partnership Globally In what order?

A4 — (CashCowAdmin) The most important aspects from your list (in order) are:

  • Building Community Trust
  • Expanding Partnership Globally
  • Empowering Platform Development
  • Increasing Token Price & Value

Mr. Baron — Thanks, guys for the detailed information and answers. Ready for the last question from Twitter?


Q5 — (@Beyadob5) All projects are geared towards the development of the community, because the community is the key to the strong development of the project. So do you have a global ambassador program or referral rewards system or bonuses for newcomers to #CashCow community?

A5 — (CaptainCashCow) CashCow Community is the MOST VALUABLE and IMPORTANT aspect of CashCow Protocol. We know that the community is the KEY for any blockchain project to succeed, and we will always prioritize the community as the founding stone of the protocol.

For engaging and rewarding the community we decided to implement a mechanism for rewarding the most loyal and supportive members by offering the following benefits of every rank of community member (Common, Uncommon, Rare & Legendary Members).

Adding to this, we do have an Ambassador Program that’s focused on engaging community members from all over the world, while offering rewards in exchange of their support and the value added to the project.

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Part 2

Mr Baron — Thank you very much for sharing. Now get ready for the most emotional part of our AMA — live questions!!!

Dear community, we will open the chat soon. Please prepare your questions.

[CashCow Protocol] guests will select 5 of them.

⚠️ Please remember the rules.

🚨Only genuine questions will be rewarded. Copied questions will be disqualified

🚨For Part 2 of the AMA, every user will be allowed to post a maximum of 3 questions.

🚨One message should contain a maximum of 1 question.

Thank you for understanding and good luck!😉


So many Questions Thank you, Everyone!!!

Mr Baron — @cashcowadmin please choose the 5 best questions and answer them😊

Q1- @dula0129 Have you guys any plan to get list on CEX in near future?

A1-We are a decentralized protocol, our smart contracts are also built this way. Liquidity is automatically added to PancakeSwap so all trading happens there, this is structured this way because of or deflationary tokenomics and automatic reflecting system. However we are planning on listing our $MILK token on other decentralized exchanges, we already done so on GOLFinance and many more will come.

Q2- @Xavp4105 “my question is related to the passage of time.

How do you see the CashCow Protocol when the roadmap stages have been completed? for example in 2023/2024

What is the plan for the community to continue to be active and grow?”

A2- We know that in all technology businesses, innovation is key to survival.

CashCow Protocol has a long term vision by default and to achieve this we know that we need to keep continuously innovating. The same way we added 2 new stages to the roadmap recently, we will keep on adding new stages and new features with time.

Q3- If i’m going to hold for a long time, Have you any plans for start rewarding programmes as staking??

@cashcowadmin @CaptainCashCow

A3- That’s very good and perfectly fits our longterm vision, our projects actually rewards tokenholders who hold their tokens for the longterm. People who hold tokens in their wallets will automatically receive a percentage of every $COW transaction in their wallet. And besides that you can already stake your $COW and receive $MilK you can find our staking platform here

Q4-@Cap_Monster Do you have any airdrops/events for CashCow community ?

A4- Actually we have done lot’s of airdrops to people who are most active in our community and we will keep doing that. We believe in organic growth and we have already proven to be succesful at that. Feel free to join our Telegram and find the latest information about airdrops, contests and community events there

Q5-@adewunmmi In which way have you actually created a positive impacts in people’s lives as you’ve stated at the start of this session?

A5- As a community driven project, we put our community as the founding stone of the protocol, we really care about the people. We have already created a positive impact on many people’s lives, not only by increasing wealth for early investors, but also by spreading the word and teaching people about crypto and DeFi, which is a magnificent tool in the actual world’s economic situation, and, of course, by giving jobs to people who are willing to support the project and helping them develop their skills and knowledge about crypto industry


Thank you very much for your answers and your time! It was an amazing AMA!

you are doing a very beautiful and high-quality project! We are honored to have you here today.