CryptoNite Club -We are pleased to announce today AMA session with Arkania Protocol × Metaverse Sagas!

Hello everyone! I’m Andy. Today’s our guest are Yasir Ali from Arkania Protocol, Richard Padama & Gianmaria Mazza from Metaverse Sagas. Warmly welcome all!

Ali (Arkania) — Hello everybody! I am happy to join you in this live AMA 👋🏻😊

Richard (MS) — Hi everyone! We are excited to be here and its our pleasure to share with our amazing NFT game that we assure you is unlike any other!

Gianmaria (MS) — Hi everyone! Its great to be here. I’m happy and excited.

CryptoNite Club — Hello,Nice to e-meet you! How are you doing?

Ali (Arkania) — I am doing fine,thanks. Really excited for the AMA

Richard (MS) — We are doing great! Glad to be here!

Gianmaria (MS) — We are doing awesome! We are so excited that Metaverse Sagas will finally launch and that one of the IDOs will be handled by Arkania!

CryptoNite Club — Let’s start the event!

First of all, Please Introduce yourself? How did you get to be involved in crypto & your project?

Ali (Arkania) — Hi, my name is Yasir, I’m Project Manager at Arkania Protocol. I handle Community Management, Social Media Management and Community Engagement. I have been in the cryptocurrency field since 2016 and started my career as Manager in 2018.

Richard (MS) — Hi, my name is Richard, I’m the CEO and one of the founders of Metaverse Sagas. I got involved into crypto because of NFT games. The ability of NFT games in providing income opportunities while being able to enjoy and socialize is truly revolutionary. So, we want to create an NFT game of our own that is able to do these, plus more and make it as sustainable and long term as possible.

Gianmaria (MS) — Hi, I’m Gianmaria, I come from Italy and I’m the co-founder of Metaverse Sagas. I am involved in international projects regarding the blockchain working for a company here and have completed many others as a freelancer too. I have been following this world for years as I am particularly fascinated by the idea of ​​decentralization in various contexts so I want to continue to operate in this scope and be able to contribute to its rapid spread.

CryptoNite Club –

Let’s talk about Metaverse Sagas project. Give us a brief introduction about that. What’s the story behind that? How it works?

Richard / Gianmaria (MS) — We are here to create an NFT-based online video game that will provide income opportunities and dynamic solutions to problems that exist in the play-to-earn space, while maintaining a healthy, sustainable, enjoyable, and profitable game that caters to all types of gamers and its community.

These solutions will help us sustain the game for the longest term, keep our community well-rewarded, thus, ensuring the best returns for our investors.

Most players spend hours upon hours each day of the week playing NFT games in the hopes of making big money, only to see their games to lose value when they are about to take profit. This happens often and people can’t do anything about it. We want to break this cycle; we want to create a sustainable and profitable game that delivers what it promises. That’s why our game will provide the solutions.

These solutions cover the biggest problems that are out there, yet most NFT games are ignoring to solve such as: 1) High cost of entry, 2) Pump and Dump, 3) Too time-consuming, 4) Lack of customer support, 5) Overpopulation, and 6) Unfamiliarity to crypto. We have discussed in our whitepaper on how we approach each one of these problems, in which we are more than happy to also explain it in detail.

We have also developed an economic model that will allow us to constantly make sure that we are able to pay our players without the fear of draining the rewards pool or the uncertainties of the token being devalued. Being on the ground zero myself, I know what makes a game appealing and what makes an NFT game compelling. And Metaverse Sagas is just that!

CryptoNite Club — Sounds great!

Tell us about your team and their background. How many team members are there?

Richard / Gianmaria (MS) — There are founders of Metaverse Sagas. Richard, who has a background in e-commerce and retail industries. Von, who is a specialist in video games. Gianmaria, who is an expert blockchain developer. The rest of the team are graphics artists, web developer, and social media managers and moderators. There are 11 of us all in all.


CryptoNite Club –

Let’s talk about $MVS token. How can $MVS hodlers get benefits for long-term?

Could you share the tokenomics as well?

Richard / Gianmaria (MS) — $MVS being our main and governance token, has a lot of use cases. First is that you can use it to buy many items in our marketplace, you can also receive it for the items that you sold in our marketplace. You can also use it to strengthen your weapons and other items in game. You can also use it to participate in many of our game modes, which will allow you earn more from playing. You can also use it in staking. With the gameplay being amazing and the rewards token being stable, its only natural for the $MVS token to continuously grow in value, thus benefiting the holders and hodlers in the long-term.

Here are our tokenomics.

CryptoNite Club –

How important is your community for the Metaverse Sagas project? What do you expect from your community? What are the plans to raise the community engagement?

Richard / Gianmaria (MS) — The Metaverse Sagas community is very important as they are driving force that steers the direction for the project to follow. The community has always been very engaging and vocal on what they want to see in the game. They have so many ideas that they want to see in the game because they want the game to succeed. They are also very active in helping us find any problems and issues before they become big problems. We will be having several huge events to increase community engagement and interest.

CryptoNite Club –

Security is the most important aspect of a crypto project. Which actions do you get to ensure the security of Metaverse Sagas?

Richard / Gianmaria (MS) — First thing should be the conceptualization of the game. The game should be very engaging, provide decent income, and has the potential to evolve and adapt into what is the most entertaining form of game in a given period. The rewards pool should also be stable, and the income part should be in a level that is always considered profitable. Having these things setup, along with constant marketing and engagement from different youtubers, the security and future of Metaverse Sagas should be assured.

CryptoNite Club —

What plans do you have for the future? What can we expect from Metaverse Sagas in future?

Richard / Gianmaria (MS) — We are just beginning. We have so many plans for the game and the project as a whole. At this point, the marketplace, breeding, minting, and forging are our priority. After that will be the P2E, which includes PVE, Invasions, Wars, and PVP. After that will be landsale, cosmetics, multi-chain, and open-world. After that, that are still more which we want to reveal once they are ready.

CryptoNite Club –

Tell us about your upcoming IDO on Arkania launchpad? Why did you choose Arkania for your IDO?

Richard / Gianmaria (MS) — We chose Arkania because their leadership has this strong foundation and understanding of the crypto space and has this keen eye on projects that they genuinely believe will succeed. The process was also very smooth as you can definitely tell that they are beaming with confidence that it becomes infectious, in a good way. Having said that, who wouldn’t want to form a partnership with Arkania?

CryptoNite Club — Such a great partnership!

Thank you! That’s all from my side. we have several questions which were selected from Twitter. Are you ready to start?

Richard / Gianmaria (MS) — Absolutely!

Twitter Segement

AMA tweet —

Q1 — @alem_new_school

How the stable income will be calculated? and what will be the stable income?

A1 — Providing stable income to our playerbase is one of our top priorities, this hasnt been done before from any other game and we have carefully formulated a rewards system that will be able to do this. How? Our secondary token, which is our rewards token, is pegged with a stable coin, which is USDT, and the ratio being 1:1. Thus, whenever you win, you will receive our rewards token, and it doesnt matter when you will take profit, the value of our rewards token will remain the same. So, if you accumulated $1000 worth of our rewards token, it will retain its value of $1000. Hope that makes sense.

CryptoNite Club. — Great answer! Let’s go to the next question?

Q2 — @AkiiBoy01

Can we join beta test of Metaverse Sagas game? How to apply?

A2 — Yes you can join our beta test, you just need to own a Founding Hero, which is one of our rarest NFTs.

CryptoNite Club — Thanks for those interesting details, clear answers are very appreciated for our community. Now is time to proceed with the next question.

Q3 — @AbdulRahim1739

Games don’t support mobiles, and that reduces the attraction of many players around the world. Can I play #metaversesagas✨ on mobile and on PC? Is there a version for Android and iOS, what does my PC need to be able to play it?🎯

A3 — Metaverse Sagas will be available to play in PC, Mac, android, and apple devices. For the system requirements, any PC that can run a simple game should be able to run Metaverse Sagas.

CryptoNite Club — Cool! Let’s move to the next question.

Q4 — @ECE5367

I Want to Know More About Your #MetaverseSagas Game Play Can Tell Us, How Many Types Of Characters & Elements Are Available In Your Game? How Many Battle Modes are There?And How The Game is Designed, Also Which Ways We Can Genarate Profits Through Your Game?You have Own Marketplace?

A4 — The characters are called Nexites, they are human-like and have genders like male and female. There are 6 body parts that have affinity to 5 elements. Each element is stronger against a certain element and weaker against another. We currently have 4 game modes, PVE, Invasions, War, and PVP. PVE and PVP are just simple Player vs Environment and Player vs Player. Invasion is a game mode that allows players to choose the order of elements at which the enemy sends their minions. There are 6 waves, if a player correctly guesses the order, they will win lots of rewards tokens. War is a gameplay that is tied to PVE. In Metaverse Sagas, there are two opposing kingdoms, during PVE, you will encounter enemies that may belong to either kingdom. If you attack an enemy that is in allegiance to kingdom A for example, you will increase your allegiance to kingdom B. Then vice versa. So during war, whatever your allegiance is, it will be the kingdom that you will be defending. And to determine the winner, the total attack power of all teams will be computed, and whichever kingdom has the highest attack power will win.

CryptoNite Club — Thanks for the detailed answer. Here is the last question from Twitter.

Q5 — @blackrose11221

The most important thing is the player. When players are satisfied, global partners increase, the price and value of the token will naturally increase. What plans does the metaSagas team have in mind to make the player ecosystem more robust & attract players to

A5 — Our gameplay is story driven, compared to other games, you just dont randomly attack enemies without affecting the bigger picture. In Metaverse Sagas, your actions are part of the story. The story is engaging and compelling, it adds a layer to the game and it makes it more interesting. There’s gonna be a lot of anticipation and strategy involved. The rewards system being stable is also going to play a major role as we remove the doubts and uncertainties from our players on the stability of the game and rewards.

Telegram Live Segement

CryptoNite Club — Thank you very much for sharing. Now get ready for the most emotional part of our AMA — live questions!!!

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Thank you for understanding and good luck!😉


Can you list 1–3 killer features of this project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your project has that you feel most confident about?

[ANS]@mazzacash –

— In terms of features, I dont think there is any other game out there right now that has stable rewards system. Our rewards token is designed to be stable so that it will become a solution to the most rampant problem in the crypto space, which is pump and dump. We have already provided an answer earlier as to how we are able to do this. To state that again, we will peg our rewards token with USDT, which is a stable coin, and set the ratio to 1:1. We will establish a separate pool for that. So, whenever our players will win, they will earn our rewards token, and the value being pegged to USDT, it will always retain its value, no matter when you plan to take your profit. If you earned $1000, it will retain its value of $1000.

The game mechanism and all the functionalities about it are complex and fascinating but we are planning to store as many informations on-chain possible to make sure that everything is transparent to all users and tracking all of them by emitting events and been checked easily, also by users that haven’t a strong knowledge about the blockchain. Some of the features regarding the creation of our in game characters and items will be done using random numbers directly on-chain, this ensure non-corruptible results for everyone. We are also doing lots of test to integrate smart contracts as best as possible with our frontend, making all the operations working smoothly! I’m sure that everyone can be satisfied with these choices and dynamics!

[Q]@marylyn_shea -Do you allow suggestions and feedback from the community? Are we allowed in decision making, do you put community into consideration ?


The feedback and suggestion of our community is truly the backbone and driving force of the game. Its also a gauge on how entertained and engaged the community is with the project. So feedback and suggestions are most definitely welcome. I would also say that some suggestions might make their way into the game. Right now, we do have a TG group with english being the main language, and regional groups in discord. Everyone is welcome to join, I invite everyone to join our community here in TG, in discord, and twitter. All our social links can be found on our website and at

[Q]@sadyerickman –

What are the benefits of holding your token as long term investment? Can you tell us about the motivation and benefits for investors to keep the your token in the long run? @superrichardmvs

[ANS]@superrichardmvs –

First, holding our tokens will reward you with Genesis boxes, which contains one of the most powerful items in the game. Second, you will be able to stake it. which will allow you to earn additional tokens. Third, the intrinsic value of our tokens where in it holds real monetary equivalent will give you the opportunity own a token that increases in value overtime.

[Q]@Elvia_Broc –

NFTs is hot trending now, Do you have a play to have NFTs in your platform? If so, can you tell us the plans of your project in NFTs?

[ANS]@mazzacash –

Of course, you can both generate them through the related functions and be able to buy or sell through our marketplace! And all operable with our tokens, main and reward! Both the ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards will be used and interconnections between them in the future with the new features we are going to implement!

[Q]@Joliemcgraw –

Partnership is always an important factor for every project. So who is your partner? What are the benefits you get from those relatiionships?

[ANS] @superrichardmvs –

We actually have an ambassador program which we call Game Booster program. We offer partnership to anyone who has a youtube channel, tiktok, blog/vlog, or anyone who has a circle of influence and reward them with one of our rarest NFTs, tokens, and special role in our discord server.

Do you have anything else to share before we conclude today’s AMA session?

Richard / Gianmaria (MS) — If you want to play a game that offers stable rewards, that has a compelling and engaging gameplay and storyline, Metaverse Sagas is the game for you.

Ali (Arkania) — Thank you so much all, very glad to have you all here, and if anyone has questions about Arkania Protocol feel free to ask in our group. It was an amazing time with you. 😍

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CryptoNite Club —

It was an amazing AMA! you are doing a very beautiful and high-quality project!

We are honored to have you here today. Best of Luck Metaverse Sagas & Arkania team!!!

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